Founded in 1964 Irish Industrial Explosives Ltd (IIE) has been serving the Irish Mining, Quarrying & Civil Engineering Industries in Ireland for over 50 years.

Kemek approached Subbytech to create a gift for their delegates, at their annual conference. Subbytech was able to work with our own manufacturer to provide Kemek with a bespoke powerbank charger.


Sample powerbank design

Kemek logo on the main front of the powerbank and "Powered by Subbytech" on the rear of the powerbank, along with the technical information.

Once the final design was agreed and signed off, Subbytech worked closely with our manufacturer to ensure that the order was delivered on time and on budget for the client.


Quality Control stage

All Subbytech power bank chargers are put through quality control and testing before they leave the manufacturing plant. Here are the bespoke Kemek powerbanks going through that stage.



To ensure everything is perfect for our clients, each powerbank is checked again when they are delivered to Subbytech. 

Inspection table

Custom individual packing is available with any type of insert, to go with each power bank. Each powerbank comes with 3 x 30cms charging cables for the three main connectors - USB Type C, Micro USB and iPhone Lightning. No matter what phone or gadget the recipient has, they are covered straight out of the box.

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