Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of warranty?

Power bank chargers - 6 months
CliX cables - 6 months
Nylon Braided cables - 12 months

How do I charge my SubbyTech power bank?

Your power bank will come pre-charged so you're good to go straight away. When the time comes to charge it up again, you use your normal charger lead to plug your power bank into the wall socket and it will charge up to 100% again. 

How do I charge my device with my SubbyTech power bank?

Using the relevant lead, for your device, that comes free with all our power banks, plug it into the USB slot in the power bank. Then using the other end of the lead, plug it into your device. Your device will automatically start to charge. No buttons to press, it will automatically start to charge. When you've charged your device, just unplug the lead from both the power bank and your device. The power bank will automatically turn itself off. Simple as that.

How do I care for my SubbyTech power bank?

Keep your power bank dry and away from moisture and corrosive materials. Do not clean your power bank harsh chemicals, soaps or detergents. Just wipe the outter case with a soft, water-dampened cloth. Make sure the power bank USB ports do not become contaminated with lint or other debris. Use a canned-air type of product periodically to ensure that the main USB port openings are clear.

What makes Subbytech different from other retailers?

SubbyTech have an ethical requirement from our suppliers that all their workers should be treated fairly, with respect and paid a proper living wage. We are proud of our FEI Co. partnership and we know that the workers are treated fairly, have good working conditions and are paid a living wage. This is important to us here at SubbyTech and will be a requirement for all our suppliers, going forward.