Content Creator - Starter Kit
Content Creator - Starter Kit
Content Creator - Starter Kit
Content Creator - Starter Kit
Content Creator - Starter Kit
Content Creator - Starter Kit
Content Creator - Starter Kit

Content Creator - Starter Kit

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Content Creator – Starter Kit 

Our content creator kit is something you just can’t neglect if you’re an influencer, vlogger, tiktoker, or simply someone who loves face-timing their friends hands-free! 

This irresistible kit has a 360 degree rotatable phone holder, clip-on phone mount, and a bright-glowing ring light. Grab it to create the ideal lighting conditions for perking up your content! Can also be used as a tabletop light or just as a décor prop! The possibilities are endless! 

WOBBLE-FREE HOLDER: Attach the clip-on holder to any desk or shelf, and get ready for hours of recording, talking, viewing, and shooting content.  

ADJUSTABLE RING LIGHT: The ring light offers white, warm yellow, and warm yellow + white colors, as well as adjustable brightness levels. It can be adjusted to target the light at you, or your subject, for the best results. 

SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: The entire setup occupies very little space in your bag, and folds down in a jiffy to be carried around with ease. 

With so many options, you’re now in full control of the final outlook of your content for pleasing your subscribers. 

Main points

  • 360 degree rotating phone holder : free to adjust any angle as you like, for convenient viewing, taking pictures or shooting videos
  • 3 colour light modes: white, warm yellow, warm yellow + white. It will come in handy whenever you need extra light for doing your makeup, taking photos, making videos, reading books or live streaming
  • Portable : with quick clip-on to secure your setup in place, no matter where you are
  • Compatible : with Subbytech power bank chargers - stream or chat for hours without having to be connected to a wall socket! 🥰 (Subbytech Power Bank charger required, if not using wall socket power)
  • Light only : Just use it as a normal light for work or play - 3 fully adjustable light modes at the touch of a button

What's in the box?

2 in 1 Content Creator Kit frame ✅

Clip on adjustable phone holder ✅

Lighting controller for setting the perfect lighting ✅

Take your content creation to the next level with Subbytechs brilliant Content Creator Kit 😎

Control your lighting with the built in lighting controller. Set the light mood at the touch of a button

Just want to chill and have a hands free option to view media? You got it! No more holding a phone, just kick back and let the Subbytech kit keep your phone positioned, where you want it to be! 😎

Want to have total freedom to stream and chat AWAY from a wall socket? Check out our Streaming Kit PRO 🤩


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