Power Bank Charger - Pink - SubbyTech
Power Bank Charger - Pink - SubbyTech
Power Bank Charger - Pink - SubbyTech
Power Bank Charger - Pink - SubbyTech
Power Bank Charger - Pink - SubbyTech

Power Bank Charger - Pink

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Fed up running out of battery power at the worst possible time? We have EXACTLY what you need. A premium high end portable charger power bank with an amazing charge capacity. Our power bank portable chargers can charge up to 2 devices at the same time with dual charging output sockets.

Essential for those that depend on their phone for work or play!   

High capacity power bank charger comes with :  
1 x USB to USB Type C charging cable 
1 x USB to iPhone lightning charging cable
1 x USB to Micro USB charging cable 

1. Uses brand new and original battery, A+ grade.  
2. Huge capacity power bank with with 2 USB outputs, micro USB and Apple Lightning inputs
3. Durable and long lasting exterior, finished in 3 stunning looking colours.
4. Powerful battery backup with long operation time to ensure you #neverrunoutofbatteryagain  
5. Electricity-saving function - when your Subbytech charger is fully charged, it stops drawing power from the socket.
6. User friendly, no on or off buttons. Just plug in your lead and the charger will automatically start charging. Take you leads out and it will shut down automatically after 25 seconds.
7. Charge your mobile phone and your friends phone or device too, any where, any time!
8. Overheating protection - Built in safety protocols stops your charger from overheating.  
9. Over charge protection - When your device is charged, the power bank charger automatically stops feeding power thanks to inbuilt overcharge protocols.
10. Peace of mind with our 6 month warranty.  

Compatible with:  
1. Apple -  iPhone 3G,3GS,4,4S,5,5S,5C,6, 6plus, 6s, 6s plus, 7,7plus,8,X,8p, iPads.   
2. Android - all android mobile phones : Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, etc,   
3. Also works with Digital Cameras, DVD players, Tablets, MP3 plyers, MP4 players, PSP, NintendoDS, Sat Navs, Kindles...basically most digital devices charged via USB port!   

Dimension:   127mm Length x 70mm Width x 16mm Height