Desert Gold Magnetic Charging Cable
Desert Gold Magnetic Charging Cable
Desert Gold Magnetic Charging Cable

Desert Gold Magnetic Charging Cable

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  • 🤩Multi 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable: The magnetic charging cable has 3 magnetic connectors for USB C, Micro USB and iPhone. You are able to charge multiple devices with the 1 Magnetic Cable.
  • 😍The magnetic charging cable comes in 1m and 2m lengths and can be used with most phones and gadgets.
  • 👉Universal Compatibility: The Cable is widely compatible with phone 8/ 8 Plus/ 7 Plus/ 7/ 6, Android Galaxy Note8 S9 S8 S7 S6, A3 A5, Huawei P20/ P10/ Mate 20/ Mate 10, Honor View 10/ 9, HTC/ Nokia/ LG/ Kindle/ PS4 and more.
  • 🧲Magnetic attraction makes it easy to join the cable to the connector. No more messing about trying to fit cables into different devices. The magnetic design reduces the amount of plugging and unplugging cables into phones and gadgets thus reducing possible damage. 
  • 🥳Keep dust and lint out of your charging socket by keeping the connector tucked inside the charging socket. Don't worry about looking for different cables again, you're covered with JUST ONE CABLE! 
  • ✅Ideal for those that may have difficulties using charging cables with fixed end connectors. Make life easier with magnets do the connecting for you!


What do I do?

- Choose your cable length and colour

- Choose what connectors you want with the cable.

Easy as that 👍

If you're not sure what connector to get, pick the default option of all 3 connectors, or get in touch and we'll help you out. Contact details at the bottom of the page 😎

  • Quick Charge not available on these cables, standard charging only

Here's what you get

- Subbytech magnetic charging cable

- 3 FREE magnetic connectors of your choice

- Instructions (It's so easy to use, you won't even need this but we include a guide anyway)

- A little treat from Subbytech 🥰


Just one charging cable, for all your gadgets, so simple ! 😍


Ask a Question
  • I'm a 56 year old tech dinosaur that struggles with knowing what things are called, due to minor brain injury. I Use the same cable to charge both my cheap Pixi smart phone and my Lenova yoga tablet. The cable annoyingly always fall out of both devices' slots. Phone is old and worn and the tablet is used a lot. (the computer or mains adaptor cable end always stays, USB end) I'm not confident about whether this is a mini or C type connection. Respect from John in England I was made aware of your products a while ago by Craig of FTFE...which I like watching for some light comedy!

    Hi John. I had a quick look and I think it's MICRO USB which charges your tablet. The cables can come with your choice of connectors ( you get 3 free connectors) if you get any cable, I'll put in 2 MICRO USB and 1 usb C connector. This way you'll be covered. Just worth mentioning, if the cable keeps falling out of the socket, the socket may be loose from everyday wear and tear. Sure get what cable you want and I'll send your order. If it doesn't work, we'll get you a full refund and no harm done ok. If you've any questions, please get in touch again. Thanks Paul @ Subbytech